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Application Process

-Please fill out the application form and submit a copy of the documents listed in the Document List

-If necessary, applicants may be required to take a test

-After all documents have been submitted and the placement test has been taken, students will receive a conditional offer and an invoice

-After the tuition has been paid, students will receive an offer and if necessary, a custodian form

Document List

Application fee (listed on the invoice)

Application form

Ontario Secondary Knowledge Test (This test is for students who applied for the Premium class and students who applied for Grade 12. Students will be tested on Math and English, and students are allotted one hour to complete each subject. Please note that the results of this test will affect the student’s study plan.)

A colour copy of the first page of your passport (If you do not have a passport, you may provide a copy of your identification card)

Students who are under 18 must provide a copy of a parent or guardian’s identification card Report card(s) from Grade 9 up to the present grade (Chinese and English report cards are to be sent directly from the student’s present school)

The application process requires 3-5 business days for review