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MISA provide a platform for students to achieve the graduation requirements more effectively.

For non-native English speakers, if they wish to succeed and receive good results by graduation, student must put in time and effort.

Considering that, Metro International Secondary Academy invests in more funding and faculty to assist students. In addition, the school year curriculum at our Academy differs from the traditional 2 semester model, opting for 4 regular semesters and 2 summer semesters.

Students can receive a maximum of 12 credits per year. Under this system, students have more time to focus on course material and can study in a more effective manner. Students may choose to take summer semesters and year-round IELTS courses to improve their English.

In using this 4 semester model, students are able to progress at a faster rate. In one year, students are able to learn a year and a half to 2 years’ worth of course materials compared to students in public high schools. This model is more flexible for students, providing more time.

Metro International Secondary Academy also provides guides for students to assist them in course selection, in addition to the University application process. These guides are tailored to the student’s needs.