How to Apply

MISA has created a process that makes admissions simple. We try to provide flexibility and convenience to our students in any way possible

Fill out the applicant information form, and one of our admission officers will contact you by email to talk about your study plan and expectations.

A visit (on-site or remote) to the school can be arranged, as well as a meeting with a school administrator(s), to help you get a comprehensive understanding of MISA.

Develop a study plan and select a program with the assistance of the admission officer. (Assessment tests, if necessary, will be conducted.)

Fill and submit the provided application form, together with the last three academic years of transcripts, and the ID page with photo of valid passport or another government-issued photo ID. 

If accepted, a Pre-Admission Letter and tuition invoice will be sent to you. You are required to make payment for the tuition fee and other applicable fees indicated in the invoice.

Once tuition fees have been received, MISA will send you the Acceptance Letter and Receipt of Payment and other relevant documents. If you are an international student, apply for a student visa at your nearest Canadian Consulate and notify the school as soon as visa is approved.

About Us

Located in Toronto, Metro International Secondary Academy is a private school with a focus on international students. We offer a wide range of courses specifically designed to prepare students for University.