MISA provides a platform for students to achieve graduation requirements more effectively.

Student Services

24 Hours Full Care

  • The Canadian tutoring team is composed of a number of Chinese teachers with rich teaching experience and strong sense of responsibility. They are responsible for students’ daily life, psychological counseling, and learning supervision.
  • MISA China Office: Establishes the bond between parents and the school; communicate with students and parents to answer questions.
  • Learning feedback system: real-time feedback on student attendance, grades and school performance.

Guidance Services

  • The freedom of curricular choice and the planning of individual programs make it all the more necessary to consult the guidance staff who can help with:​

    • orientation to high school life;
    • study skills;
    • course selection;
    • selecting and planning for a career;
    • understanding individual interests and abilities;
    • post-secondary planning;
    • counselling.

    Counselling sessions can be initiated by student request, referral by parents, staff and routinely by guidance personnel.

    Our Guidance and University Counselling team assists Upper School students in exploring their career choices and find the best match with post-secondary institutions worldwide.

Academic Support

MISA takes pride in our dedication to meeting the learning needs of every student, whether those needs involve extra support or enrichment opportunities. We take great pride in seeing our students flourish during their time at MISA and realize their university dreams, nourished to reach their full potential by a learning environment tailored to their specific strengths.

Students with identified learning differences will find a nurturing environment at MISA that prepares them for autonomy, self-advocacy, and university success. Students are accommodated through a broad range of learning support programs, including after-school tutoring, peer tutoring, contest prep coaching, English language improvement program.

About Us

Located in Toronto, Metro International Secondary Academy is a private school with a focus on international students. We offer a wide range of courses specifically designed to prepare students for University.